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Commandment #1

Thou shalt be brindy

Commandment #2

Thou shalt pay thy subscriptions to the Church of Bob on time

Commandment #3

Apart from the first two Commandments (yes, those two just above this one), thou shalt question all rules, claims and statements and accept none without appropriate evidence and logic

Explanation for Commandment #1

Brindiness is a quality that all Bobists develop over time. It is, to a certain extent, ineffable, and hence impossible to define. It is the counter of 'spiritual', for it relies upon pragmatism, scepticism, evidential thinking and the inability to be satisfied with glib answers. As soon as time allows, we will produce an "Are you brindy enough?" test page.

Explanation for Commandment #2

The Church of Bob recognises that not everything in the universe can be relied upon. We have incorporated this idea into the subscription system. If you join the Church of Bob, you will be issued with a subscription notice telling you how much you owe. This subscription amount is not fixed, but works on a random basis. Some unfortunate devotees have never been able to join the Church because the randomiser fixed their subscriptions at USD 3 billion. Many others are accepted for free. You will not know which way you will go until you receive your subscription notice.

Explanation for Commandment #3

The Church of Bob is in favour of knowledge. The Church of Bob is in favour of intelligence. We will provide you with a link to a page on critical thinking, as also to various brindy resources on the web. Make use of them and you will be on the path to true happiness.

A favourite quote of the Church

The unexamined life is not worth living.

A favourite quote of the Church

Show me the evidence!

The motto of the Church

The Church of Bob - the one true church (TM)

The motto of Julecifer

Believe me, because I sound authoritative. (Need we say more?)


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