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The only path to salvation

The Church of Bob has been set up to clear away all the confusion resulting from the profusion of religous iconography and ideology since the world-wide web became popular. Following the 3 commandments of the Church of Bob will soon train you to be:

How can the Church of Bob do this for me?

The Church of Bob may or may not ask you for money (see the 2nd commandment). In return for your commitment, however, (and you should sign up as soon as possible), the Church of Bob will give you a number of resources that will help you work out your own salvation with diligence. Once you have signed up, the chances are that each of these services will be free. Of course, if you are desperately unlucky, then you may have to pay for each of them. Time will tell.

But I'm already religious - why should I sign up?

Who started the Church of Bob?

The Church of Bob is unique in having simultaneous messiahs! Yes, there are TWO Bobs - co-founders of the one path to salvation. The advantage of having two Bobs is, of course, that they cover for each other, and also allow for differences of opinion without giving way to schisms. The Church of Bob is stronger than all other churches.

What about the problem of evil?

The Church of Bob does not comment on evil. It comments long and hard, however, about Julecifer - The Force of Darkness. In order to be open about this opposition, we invite you to visit Julecifer's site as well.

Who are the agents of the Church of Bob?

Within the US:

K McWittgenstein is Chief High Mugwump and Proselytiser. She receives 10% of all subscriptions and works hard to stamp out the spread of Juleciferianism.

Outside the US:

The Sunshine Warrior is Chief High Mugwump and Proselytiser. He is on a similar commission scheme to K.

So will we go to Heaven?

The Church of Bob concentrates on THIS life. If you lead this life correctly, then you need have no fear of heaven or hell, and that is what we teach.

So how did the Bobs receive their revelation?

They didn't. They achieved enlightenment through thought and experience.

Will I live forever?


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The 3 Commandments

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