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Help for WebTV users

Most visitors to the F.A.C.T.S. Message Board are familiar with the occasional and very annoying board malfunctions. Sometimes posts are lost in transmission and at worst the whole board may go down for hours only to reappear with lost posts. Therefore, it is always a good idea to save your work in a word processor of some sort so you can repost your brilliance later. For computer users that is a simple matter and will not be covered here. For WebTV users who have no hard drive for storage it is a different matter. Below are some links and instructions that may be helpful for our WebTV friends.


Webtv4you (a well done site)

As a first resort you may want to click on the 'help' button on your WebTV homepage and look under 'Tips and Tricks'. You will find helpful tutorials there.


Highlighting text and Copy / Paste

Using the "find" command, type in the first word of the text you want to copy, the word will then be highlighted on the screen. Next, put one finger on the shift key, and the another on the down arrow key, and it will highlight the remaining text one line at a time, or you could use shift plus the scroll down key, or you could use the command key + "a", and it will highlight everything on the screen. So, once you have everything that you want to copy highlighted, command key + "c" will put it in copy memory, and command + "v" is used for paste. You might want to practice on some unimportant text first. Good luck

A big thanks to Derrick


How to save your post to be prepared for a board malfunction

First, use the instructions above for highlighting and copying text. Then....
  • One easy way to save your text is to paste the text into your email composer and mail it to yourself...or another email account.
  • Or go to one of the links above and use one of the many word processor utilities available for WebTV to paste and save your text. (I cannot check the useability of these word processors because they crash my system, but I'm sure full instructions are on the sites.- Good luck!)

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